Monolog – Send critical logs directly to Slack

Integrating Symfony monolog with Slack

By using Monolog in Symfony applications, we can log to files, send emails, log to console and many other channels. In this article, I will show the step by step on how to integrate Monolog with Slack.
The good thing is integration is just a matter of some configuration in config without writing any line of code. So it could be easily integrated in any project.

1) Create a slack channel.

2) Go to scroll down to Authentication and create authentication token.

3) In your symfony app, go to config_prod.yml and add the following config in monolog section.

     type: slack
     token: slack api token
     channel: channel name
     [bot_name]: defaults to Monolog
     [icon_emoji]: defaults to null
     [use_attachment]: bool, defaults to true
     [use_short_attachment]: bool, defaults to false
     [include_extra]: bool, defaults to false
     [level]: level name or int value, defaults to DEBUG
     [bubble]: bool, defaults to true

Please note that debug will flood your channel with lots of logs, so use critical

channel should start with # just like how it does appear on Slack.

Full configuration example:

            type:         fingers_crossed
            action_level: error
            handler:      nested
            type:  stream
            path:  "%kernel.logs_dir%/%kernel.environment%.log"
            level: debug
            type:  console
            type:       slack
            token:       xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxx
            channel:     "#name-of-channel"
            bot_name:    ChooseName
            icon_emoji: :ghost:
            level:      critical

icon_emoji you can use any emoji from Slack. Checkout the full list on this page:


Further reading about Monolog, how does it work .. checkout the following links:

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